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Cottage town "Oak Grove Town"

Oak Grove Town is a closed-type cottage built in the style of the lagom Swedish philosophy of moderation and quality.

Our complex is located in a recreational area, among perennial oaks. We have done our best to make you live fuss-free: nature without limits, practical planning, energy efficiency and aesthetics in every detail!

Oak Grove Town is a new quality of life.

In our complex:

13 townhouses
6 duplexes
8 cottages


  • Facades

    German clinker, natural slate, tinted acacia


    Clinker - German quality. Tinted acacia is one of the most solid species of trees. Shale stone is an expensive and natural material.

  • Foundation

    Reinforced concrete belt


    Solid cast foundation for 13 houses with hydro and thermal insulation - will ensure the durability of your home

  • Heater

    basalt wool 100 mm


    Basalt cotton wool is an eco-friendly, breathable material with high thermal conductivity.

  • Roof

    Fold metal, basalt cotton wool 200 mm


    The roof is insulated with a double layer of basalt wool, which is quite sufficient for excellent sound insulation

  • Walls

    400 mm ceramic block


    durable and lightweight material with high fire safety and environmental friendliness

  • Electricity supply


    Electricity supply

  • All Houses
  • Cottages
  • Duplexes
  • Townhouses

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